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Re:Set is now released~

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 Lucia x Blake

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PostSubject: Lucia x Blake   Mon Jan 02, 2012 6:06 am

(Fion-a, this is my sixth time restarting this. I’m sorry Dx)

Lucia stared at the blackboard, waiting .. just waiting. She didn’t know what to expect really, because
she always gets here 40 min before the bell rang. Puckering her lips, her steel cold eyes stared at the
clock. It wasn’t her fault at all, it wasn’t! She remembered of the HUGE fight she had gotten into with
Lee the other day. So WHAT if she was hanging out with other guys? They were discussing something
largely important, and it had nothing to do with Lee.

Sure it was careless of her to not choose a more secretive spot. But who really wanders around the park
at 2 AM in the morning? If she didn’t know better, Lee was just jealous. Lucia caught herself. No, that
isn’t right. They were best friends, maybe Lee just felt left out.

As she was brooding over her issue, a piece of lint fluttered down onto her glasses. Frowning, she took
them off and used her cleaning cloth to wipe it off. As she was in the midst of cleaning her lenses, the
door to the classroom slid open. Her eyesight wasn’t that bad, because she immediately saw Blake. He
was also at the meeting in the park with the other boys.

Blake was bopping his head to the music blasting through his earbuds. Lucia made a guess, maybe it was
Lady Gaga’s ‘You and I’. She waited for him to notice her, for she didn’t feel like speaking. If she spoke..
he’ll probably ask why Lee exploded the other night. Lucia did chase after him.

“…Lucia?!” Blake exclaimed as his eyes opened from the musical daze he was in. In his point of view,
Lucia looked completely different. Suave, beautiful, yet cold without her glasses. As if he’ll ever admit
this out loud.

“Er, why the surprise?”

“Nothing. You just look different, that’s all.”

“Is that a good thing or not?”

Lucia gasped inwardly. Was she flirting with Blake? And was he flirting back or something?

“Good, I suppose.”


Lucia gathered her books as the ending bell rang, and headed towards her locker. If she didn’t make it
in time, all her homework would be marked as incomplete. So, she gathered all her energy in her shoes
and fast-walked towards her destination. But, seeing Blake near her locker made her slow down a bit.
What was he doing? He looked around, and slipped a piece of paper inside.

Curious, she cautiously walked towards her locker as if she had just arrived. Then, in a hurry she spun
the dial and opened it.

The white piece of paper just sat there on top of her books. She reached for it with her hands, and had it
in her grasp. Her mind spun of all the things that it could be.

Finally, her frustrated mind was tired of guessing, and her fingers unfolded the paper.

[We’re having another meeting at my concert. Be there at 4:00 PM sharp, no excuses. You know who I
am. ]

“Another.. meeting? Hmm..”

She didn’t know at that time. But she would. Lee was standing around the corner, hearing what she had
just said. Jealousy, or whatever, flared inside. He would have to crash that meeting, no matter what.


“You made it,” Blake said.

They were standing in front of the largest concert dome in (Insert Doppelganger’s country here
lol). Blake wasn’t bragging when he said he was an international popstar, Lucia thought with
disappointment. She wanted to brag to him about something, but anything SHE says makes her an
automatic ‘bragger’ in the worst sense.

“I couldn’t afford to miss it. We have to plan our attack today, right?”

“Yup, against those.. things.”

Without another word, he gestured towards the backdoor of the concert dome. She followed without
making a remark. Her eyes observed everything, taking note of which escapes were quicker if something
would happen. She always liked to be prepared, what if a fire started or something? Also, hiding spots
were top priority.. the wrong people might be looking for them.

It was quite early, the concert started in 2 more hours. But cars had already started to get parked in the
parking lot, and many girls were forming the long line in front of the gigantic building. Of course, Lucia
thought, it IS Blake after all.

She shuddered suddenly, and Blake turned around with a questioning look.

“…I thought someone was watching me,” she replied as if nothing was wrong. But after all that had been
happening, her guards were way up.

It was as if Blake had suddenly changed personalities. He leaped towards Lucia and grabbed her hand,
all she could do was look in shock. But she was quickly whisked away to the dressing room for Blake. Her
first thought was, ‘Wow, such a huge room..” then it quickly changed to, ‘Why is he holding my hand?!’

“Sorry,” Blake muttered as he let go.

“It’s okay, but why?”

“I saw Lee.”



One by one, the boys arrived. Yuri was first leading the others into the meeting room. Lucia wasn’t
attending, she was busy looking for Lee.

“Looks like someone’s down,” Yuri smirked at Blake. He wasn’t his usual braggy self. Eyes were
downcast, arms folded across the chest, and his lips were in a permanent scowl.

“Shut up.”


“So, what are you doing here?”

Lucia spun around, startled. Breathing in deep breaths, she raised her eyes to meet Lee’s.

Frowning, she opened her mouth to argue, but Lee beat her to it.

“Why are you always hanging around those.. those barbarian boys?! You do know that there are a lot
of sex hungry men out here, and you meet with them?! With no other guardian or adult or any other
females around..”

“What is WRONG with you?!”

Rage flashed in Lee’s eyes, and he took her forcefully by the wrist intent on dragging her all the way out.
Lucia yelled and screamed, which was heard all the way in the meeting room. Blake heard it first,
with his ears finely tuned for noise, he burst out the door. The rest of the boys looked at each other
quizzically at each other before returning to what they were doing.

Lucia and Lee were almost out the building before Blake stepped in front of their way.

“Leave, purple-haired bragster,” Lee snarled. He didn’t know what was coming over him, but he didn’t
like it when Lucia was with anyone.

“No, you leave. Lucia clearly doesn’t want to go with you.”

Blake took two steps towards the couple. Lucia was quiet, but her mind wasn’t.

Why is Blake defending me? He doesn’t care about me, he would rather that I leave. I’m just a freaking
burden to everyone.. maybe Lee was right. I shouldn’t be with them at all. But, why is Blake here?

“Move! I can’t let Lucia be with you dirty people.”

“Then who can she be with?”

“Me and me only.”

At this, Lucia couldn’t stand it anymore. She yanked her wrist from Lee’s painful grasp. Her heart was
beating of fury, she couldn’t believe her best friend was this kind of person. Was her judgment THAT

“Too bad, looks like she doesn’t want to be with you.”


Blake and Lucia stayed quiet.


He couldn’t stand it anymore. Blake took Lucia’s hand gently and started to sprint to the concert stage.

Lee couldn’t explain why he said those words, or how he seemed to snap out of it the next day.. not
remembering anything that had occurred the night before.

But, there’s one thing that Lucia or Blake will never tell anyone of that night. It’s what happened after
their encounter.

“You’re almost up, Blake,” Lucia said sullen. She should’ve stayed and talked to Lee, at least to figure out
what happened to him.

“I know. What do you think came over him? He’s usually all calm and collected.. but there is this one
part that I think was sort of unsurprising,” Blake laughed.

“I don’t know, really. I think something sinister is happening. Like what happened to Anastasia or.. he
was possessed. What’s the unsurprising part?”

“He likes you.”

She coughed on air.


“It’s true, but I have to go on now. Take a seat, you’re in the first row.”

Before Lucia could stop him, he dashed to his dressing room. Thinking that the night would go wasted,
she sat down on the plush seating of her chair and waited patiently for the show to start.

Behind her, yelling and screaming erupted from the fangirls. Her ears nearly popped in pain. It was

Who knew that he had this much influence on people?

He was dressed in a dazzling black tuxedo and a black necktie. In his right hand was a microphone, and
on his left was a bouquet of roses.

“How’s everyone doing tonight?”

Girls screamed in response.

“Haha, I take that as an ‘Okay’?”

Laughter ensued.

Lucia looked at him expectantly, waiting for him to toss the roses into the crowd and for a fainting girl to
come out on a stretcher.

But no, it seemed as if he had other plans. He walked near her on the stage…

Knelt down..

And gave the roses to her.

My secret santa gift to Fion-a :3


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Lucia x Blake
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